In the intention of preserving the memory and the cultural patrimony of the family Stávale of the world, I assume the commitment of guaranteeing the protection of all of the items contained inside the Acervo Stávale, now located in the Rua Ararigbóia, 50 - Mooca - Săo Paulo and related in the icon Acervo (Collection) of the web-site www.stavale.com, not could be sale object, lease or loan. 

I increase that all the future donations to the Collection will also be inserted in the relationship contained in the icon Acervo and they will have the same warranty established above. 

Happening the change of the facilities of the Acervo all of the related items will be incorporate to the new facilities, giving continuity to the preservation commitment, maintenance and protection of the items contained inside the Acervo. 

When it happens the death of the responsible current mantenedor of the Acervo, the heir (or heirs) it will assume the established commitment in this document, guaranteeing the preservation of all of the items, not could sell, to rent and to lend any item contained inside the Acervo. 

The heir (or heirs) of the items of the Acervo it can be any member of the family Stávale, since it assumes the established commitment in this document, register at registry office and also guarantee the occurrence of visits to the Acervo.  

Is then established the perpetual preservation of the items of the Acervo (Collection) and the warranty of the not commercial exploration.