NAME                               Paulo Gustavo Revelles Stavale

NATIONALITY:                 Brazilian

DISCIPLINE:                      H.S.E

DATE OF BIRTH:              26th November 1981

PLACE OF BIRTH:            Niteroi, Rio, Brazil

ADDRESS:                          Benjamin Constant Street, 224– Niteroi – Rio - Brazil. 
EMAIL ADDRESS:            [email protected]

TELEPHONE:                     +55(21) 999-999-688 (Mobile)


QUALIFICATIONS:           NEBOSH - International General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety. Certificate No.                                                 00158682/446640 (with credit). – Worldwide HSE accreditation

                                                Brazilian Safety Technician Course (20 months) - Health, Safety & Environment accreditation
                                                – Enrolment numbers – MTE – 12.795-RJ / CREA: 2007395380-RJ
                                                HUET – Helicopter Underwater Escape Training - Falck Nutec – Expiration date September 2014
                                                 BST – Basic Survival Training – Falck Nutec – Expiration date April 2017

                                               Portuguese (Native language)
                                               English - Fluent (Spoken and written)

*Date of attendance
**STCW courses are valid for 5 years

Confined Space Entry Supervisor – 40 hours – Falck Nutec – *March 2013
Work at Heights training – Falck Nutec – *March 2013     
HLO - Helicopter Landing Officer – Falck Nutec – *March 2013
Kelvin Topset incident Investigation training – *September 2011
** Coxswain – Falck Nutec –* May 2010
** FRC - Fast Rescue boat – Falck Nutec – *May 2010
Lifting Operations Course – AC Monteiro – *April 2010
** AFF – Advanced Fire Fighting – Falck Nutec – *March 2010
Familiarization with SAP (materials and maintenance management system) and Synergi (reporting tracking system)



I am currently working on a construction vessel owned by Saipem. The vessel is engaged in the P-55 project located on Campos Basin; Roncador field. I was hired as the Project Safety Officer and my main role is to be the interface between the client (Petrobras) and the Vessel Management Team regarding HSE related issues. I also take over the HLO’s role and I provide directly assistance to the Construction Safety Officers to run the management system.

Previously I worked on the FPSO Peregrino, which was initially owned by Maersk FPSOs and named Maersk Peregrino. I joined this vessel still in the project phase at Kepple shipyard, in Singapore, in September 2010. During this initial period, I was involved in the implementation of the safety observation system (active cards); in the waste management system; in the revision of the Fire & Safety plan; in the setup of the induction process for new joiners and in the implementation of the several other HSE activities defined on the management system, such as area condition inspections & verifications, emergency drills, several training initiatives with different crew members, establishment of the safety meetings schedule and the minutes template and several other duties. I spent several weeks in the shipyard and joined the journey from Cape Town to Brazil in which I assisted the management team to prepare the vessel for the enforcement agencies audits upon arrival on location.

I was one the Safety Officers on-board and my main role was to maintain the strong safety culture on-board, which had been built over the years and to advise the management team about any non-compliance issues that might lead to enforcement actions. I also fulfilled the PTW coordinator’s role on several occasions, which made me fully familiar with this important safety system.
Prior to this current job, I worked as a Safety Officer for approximately two years on the FPSO Fluminense, owned by Shell and operated by Modec. I started my offshore career in 2008 at Transocean, initially as a roustabout, but then soon I was promoted to RSTT (Rig Safety Training Technician).

I attended the RRC E-learning Training in 2012, and after a great effort, I managed to successfully gain the NEBOSH General International Certificate (awarded with credit).



2013 December – Present days  - Saipem do Brasil
                                    FDS Saipem – Campos Basin (Brazil) – P-55 Project

                                    Position - Project Safety Officer                               
                                    Provide directly assistance to the operational team to manage the   Observation Cards system (HOC cards)
                                    Provide assistance to the construction safety officers to issue PTW to the crew members and to                                     manage/evaluate potential conflicting activities                              
                                    Carry out Safety stand downs and different training sessions Act as the HLO       
                                    Active participation on Safety Walkthroughs
                                    Assist the CSO to conduct incidents investigations
                                    Active assistance to the Management Team during external audits (preparation & conduction)
                                    Carry out the welcome induction for new joiners

2010    -   2013 December   Maersk FPSOs / BW Offshore                      
                                    FPSO Peregrino (STATOIL) - Brazil

                                    Position – Safety Officer

                                    Provide advice to the management team on HSE matters; conduct training with the crew and
                                    ensure the World Class Safety culture built on-board is maintained.

                                    Implementation of the Observation Card (Active System)
                                    Interim PTW coordinator during several occasions 
                                    Owner of the portable fire extinguishers and fire-fighting appliances
                                    Chaired the Town Hall meetings  Super user of the SINERGY reporting system Act as the HLO
                                    Safety Officer during a two-week planned shutdown
                                    Confined Space Entry supervisor (NR 33)
                                    Implementation of CIPA (Safety committee)
                                     Evaluate training needs and act accordingly
                                     Assist the OIM to establish drill scenarios
                                    Assist the supervisors to conduct the departmental safety meetings 
                                    Active participation on the Area Condition Inspections and verifications Carry out PM’s on various safety                                     equipment and close them out in SAP
                                    Conduct incidents investigations
                                    Active assistance to the Management Team during external audits (preparation & conduction)
                                    Carry out the welcome induction for new joiners


May 2009    -   September 2010  

                                    FPSO Fluminense (SHELL) - Brazil
                                    Bijupira & Salema field – 1st private petroleum field in Brazil
                                    Position - Safety Officer

                                     Implementation of the company’s Management System
                                     Carry out the welcome induction for new joiners
                                     Implementation of the Company’s HSSE policies
                                     Training & coordination of the Emergency Response Teams
                                     Carry out PM’s on various safety equipment
                                     Daily meetings with the management team, including the PTW meeting
                                     Custodian of the observation reporting system - BBSM
                                     Assist the supervisors to chair the departmental safety meetings
                                     Accident / Incident investigation
                                     Direct assistance to CIPA (Safety committee)
                                     Act as the HLO
                                     Perform frequent radiation checks (NORMS) at the worksite       

May 2008 – May 2009

                             Transocean (SEDCO 135D) - Brazil     


                                    Position – (RSTT) Rig Safety Training Coordinator                                   
                                    Management of the Observation Cards (START)
                                    Owner of the portable fire extinguishers and fire-fighting appliances                   
                                    Super user of the company’s MS, including PTW system, Thinking and FOCUS
                                    Act as the HLO        
                                    Confined Space Entry supervisor (NR 33)
                                    Assistance to CIPA (Safety committee)
                                    Detect training needs and act accordingly
                                    Assist the OIM to establish drill scenarios & to follow the approved HSE plan
                                    Active participation on the Area Condition Inspections
                                    Conduct incidents investigations                                                                                  
                                    Carry out the welcome induction for new joiners