Mariangela, Tony, Teresa (mãe), Artie e Rose Marie Stávale (foto de 1940)

Teresa com seu neto Frank Stávale

Arhur Stávale (foto de 1936)

Batismo de Terry Stávale : Tony e Angie, Artie e Eileen, Marty e Jim, Rose e Bob, Natale com o neto Terry, Teresa com o neto Ron e Frank (foto de 1953)

Louis, Teresa com Frank e Tony Stávale

Anthony, Arthur, James, Angelo e Louis Stávale (foto de 1923)

Mariangela Trotto Stávale com seu filho Frank (foto de 1945)

James (Jim) Stávale (foto de 1933)

Jim (foto de 1945)

Emily e Julia - filhas de Ron (foto de 1999)

Jim e seus filhos (foto de 01/02/2000)

Nicole Stávale e seu marido Gabriel Mariman (02/07/2005)

Nikki and Becky 1988-2005

Frank, Bob & Ron are on the couch. Terry & Rik in the Front. Grandma & Grandpa Stavale 's house on Seminole.

Date : 1954 or 1955

Grandpa Natale, Grandma Teresa & Teresa(Terry) Stavale . Terry is the daughter of Anthony and Mariangela Stavale , the only grandaughter of Natale and Teresa.

Date: 1953 or 1954

Natale and Teresa with grandchild Bob - Early 1950

It is a picture of Rose Mari Stavale at about age 3.   Teresa was 43 and Natale was 38 years old in this picture.

Date: 1926 - Detroit, Michigan

Rose Mari Stávale (1926).

Louis Stávale

Rose Mari and your husband T.L.Yon

Eric Stávale (son of Rik)

Rik and Laura

Rik and Nikki (daughter of Rik)


Rik's family

Rose Mari "Reo" Stavale with her neices & nephews: Louis, Eric, Nicole and Rebecca.

Jim, Marta and children (1958)

Jim (1948)

Marta and Jim

Rik (1957)


Laura and Rik




Rik and Laura (2006)